Grid-Tied Inverters

With a transformerless topology, our inverters reach up to 98% efficiency, and have the widest operating voltage ratio of any inverters today.

The GT-720 utility-interactive inverter, featuring a wide input voltage range and an intelligent MPPT system with ShadeBoost Technology, is optimized to excel in non-ideal conditions. It is perfect for residential settings in colder climates, because it can effectively deal with clouded skies and shaded roofs. It requires a much lower total investment than traditional string inverters – about $1,500 for a complete system. It has been designed to work with wholesale panels that are priced below $1.00 per watt. All of these factors make a PV system more economical.

Concentrated Photovoltaics

Keep a low profile. With the TessTrack residential CPV module, double the amount of solar power you receive in clear conditions while your roof stays flat.

  • Up to 35% efficiency, double that of normal modules

  • Compact 5″ height for roof mounted placement

  • Uses modern C4MJ cells from Spectrolab

  • Each cell tracks the sun individually

  • Modules are AC – no separate inverter is required

  • Cells are individually bypassed with diodes

  • No configuration or programming is necessary

  • Long lifetime and low module failure rate