Dimmable LED Lighting

Tired of being disappointed with your lighting solutions? Our bulbs and dimmers are designed and assembled in the USA with great attention to detail.

GRS-A80NW1100D / GRS-D100 Specifications


Green Roof Solar, LLC has developed a proprietary yet simple dimming technique for use specifically with LED light bulbs. By introducing a small DC bias onto the AC line — confined to the lamp circuit — bulbs can be accurately dimmed all the way down with no noticeable flickering or buzzing. Additionally, power factor correction continues to operate within the bulbs and no sharp current transients become present on the AC line. Bulbs without dimmers operate at full brightness and start up in under 200ms. By placing two standard dimmer units in series, a true three-way system can be implemented where bulb brightness can be continuously controlled from two separate locations. No master/slave setup or complex wiring is required.


The 10W GRS-A80NW1100D is a standard A19-size, E26-base bulb designed for equivalence to a 75W incandescent. Its minimum efficiency is 100 lumens per watt, and it has an 80 CRI (Color Rendering Index) as well as a power factor of at least 0.95. The GRS-D100 is a dimmer for typical installations which can support up to ten GRS-A80NW1100D bulbs. It does not require a neutral connection, making it compatible with all previous phase-control dimmer wiring. Additionally, the GRS-D100 is highly efficient, dissipating only a minimal level of heat. It even includes a dim green LED which glows when the brightness control is near zero, to help locate the dimmer in the dark.


Voltage: 120VAC @ 60Hz

Power input: 10W (75W equivalent)

Light output: 1100 lumens

Color rendering index: >=80

Color temperature: 4000K

Size: A19 (standard 75W)

Base: E26 (US standard)

Power factor: >=0.95

Efficacy: >=100 lumens/watt

Installation: Dry and damp locations


Maximum load: 100W (ten bulbs)

Dimming range: 100-0%

DC bias range: 0-1.25V

Heat dissipation: <=5W