Green Roof Solar, LLC

It's finally easy to be green. Energy-efficient technology simplified.

Efficient Lighting

Light up your life. Finally, a fully dimmable, Energy Star compliant LED bulb with no flickering nor buzzing.  The only DC-bias dimmer available on the market.

Photovoltaic Solutions

Make solar make sense. Empower yourself with the GT-720 utility-interactive inverter. Also, turn your roof green with the TessTrack residential CPV module.

Electric Vehicles

Clean up the way you drive. One inverter per battery – no PWM, no pollution. The only fully multilevel design for AC EVs, optimized for safe LiFePO4 batteries.

Maker Innovations

Make yourself happy. Build your own machine with our linear bearing system.


Dimmable LED Lighting

Tired of being disappointed with your lighting solutions? Our bulbs and dimmers are designed and assembled in the USA with great attention to detail.

GRS-A80NW1100D / GRS-D100

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  • 10W actual, equivalent to 75W incandescent

  • Dimmable to less than 5% brightness

  • High color rendering index (good colors)

  • Very high efficiency – over 100 lumens/watt

  • No noticeable flickering or buzzing

  • Quick starting – delay under 200ms

  • High power factor, even when dimmed

  • Dimmer works with up to ten bulbs at once

  • Base-model dimmers can work as three-way

  • Dimmer can be found easily by soft green light

Grid-Tied Inverters

With a transformerless topology, our inverters reach up to 98% efficiency, and have the widest operating voltage ratio of any inverters today.

The GT-720 utility-interactive inverter, featuring a wide input voltage range and an intelligent MPPT system with ShadeBoost Technology, is optimized to excel in non-ideal conditions. It is perfect for residential settings in colder climates, because it can effectively deal with clouded skies and shaded roofs. It requires a much lower total investment than traditional string inverters – about $1,500 for a complete system. It has been designed to work with wholesale panels that are priced below $1.00 per watt. All of these factors make a PV system more economical.

GT-720 Grid-Tied Inverter

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Electric Vehicle Multilevel Inverters

One inverter for every two batteries. The benefits of which are higher efficiency, longer motor life, better safety, hybrid pack capability, and much more.

Inverters for electric vehicles (EVs) are typically heavy, expensive, inconveniently-shaped behemoths meant to squeeze under the hood, often requiring wiring to each individual battery, or worse, an entirely separate system with electronics on each battery.

Here at Green Roof Solar, we believe in revolutionary concepts, and we came up with the one-inverter-per-battery idea. A prototype of this concept was even tested in a GM EV1 (see graph). More can be found on the EV page.

EV Multilevel Inverters

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Concentrated Photovoltaics

Keep a low profile. With the TessTrack residential CPV module, double the amount of solar power you receive in clear conditions while your roof stays flat.

  • Up to 35% efficiency, double that of normal modules

  • Compact 5″ height for roof mounted placement

  • Uses modern C4MJ cells from Spectrolab

  • Each cell tracks the sun individually

  • Modules are AC – no separate inverter is required

  • Cells are individually bypassed with diodes

  • No configuration or programming is necessary

  • Long lifetime and low module failure rate

Printed Circuit Board Design Suite

Tired of struggling with your current PCB design program? At Green Roof Solar, LLC, so were we. That is precisely why we came up with a better solution.

ProtoCap and ProtoLay were written completely from scratch in Qt4.8 with the purpose of enhancing the PCB designer’s software experience. They work exactly the same on any platform: Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. They are compact, easy to install, and freely downloadable. Their interfaces are quite similar, and both feature smooth mouse panning and zooming for fast design navigation.

ProtoCap 1.1.0 and ProtoLay 1.2.5

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